"I founded the tennis club out of love for sports, and especially for tennis, and out of love for my son Petar, who was starting his tennis career at the time."

"In the club, we opened the possibility of training children and recreational tennis with friends. So we created an ambience and a pleasant atmosphere, with a sense of belonging, and we kept that as the greatest value of a sports club."



3 open doubles courts on clay
2 closed single courts in the tennis hall
1 doubles indoor court in the tennis hall
Heating the hall with courts during the winter
20+ parking spaces
Men's and women's locker room
Space for physical and physiotherapy
Basketball court
Cafe and players room
Tennis Ball

Active all year round

Tennis Ball

#2 by number of players

Tennis Ball

Organizer of official tournaments

Tennis Ball

Pet Friendly


"When TC Djukić was founded, I was a junior player. My father Radoje Djukic, the founder of this club, had a clear vision of how a tennis club should function. Growing up in this club as a player, and later as a coach, I continued putting the idea into action. "

Petar Djukic

"What I consider our greatest success is that we have managed to combine three very different things into one compact whole. Tennis school, recreational and professional tennis. Professional tennis is, of course, in the foreground, because we are primarily a competitive club and we participate in all team championships, but the recreationists and the school, which evening classes and weekends are reserved for, also occupy a special place in our club, because the family atmosphere and friendship are some of the basic values ​​which TC Djukic rests on ever since its founding and we plan to keep it that way.


Tennis club "Djukic" was founded in 1996 in Belgrade. Over its 20 years of existence, the club has so far produced many domestic players with great success, most of whom have achieved notable junior and senior successes in the world of tennis, such as Miomir Kecmanovic, Filip Krajinovic, Dušan Lajovic and others.


Our club is characterized by seriousness, professionalism and great commitment to tennis. Tennis school and academy programs offer maximum attention to each member and focus on the quality of personal plans development. The main goals of the club are the development and preservation of sportsmanship, with an emphasis on creating players who will become complete in mental, physical, tactical and technical terms.

The club offers a programme that is adapted to all ages, as well as all levels of tennis training. The club has an academy that offers programmes intended for the professional development of tennis players, as well as a tennis school intended for recreational players of all ages. Club members are given the opportunity to work with the most experienced tennis coaches in Serbia. Within the tennis school and the tennis academy, 10 coaches with a passed exam and a tennis license are employed.