Skola Tenisa

Tennis school is the right place for all ages who want to play tennis recreationally. All you need is a tracksuit or a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers!

Our main goal is to bring this sport closer to everyone, with the idea of ​​ people getting to know it and love it. Tennis, as a sport, develops all the most important motor and coordination skills - explosiveness, speed, agility and endurance. White sport also has a positive effect on mental development because it develops self-confidence, the ability to act under pressure, as well as social skills.

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  • 75% slower than the yellow ones
  • Foam balls 8.00 - 9.00 cm
  • Felt balls 7.00 - 8.00 cm
  • 17-23” (43-58cm)
  • Dimensions:
    10.97 - 12.8m x 4.88 - 6.1m
  • Net height in the center:
    31.5 - 33” (0.8 - 0.838m)
  • 50% slower than the yellow ones
  • Felt balls | 6.00 – 6.86 cm
  • 23 - 25“ (58-63cm)
  • Dimensions:
    17.98 - 18.29m x 6.4 - 8.23m
  • Net height in the center:
    31.5 - 36” (0.8 - 0.914m)
  • 25% slower than the yellow ones
  • Felt balls | 6.30 – 6.86 cm
  • 25 - 26“ (63-66cm)
  • Full dimension:
    23.77 x 8.23m
  • Net height in the center:
    36” (0.914m)
Skola Tenisa


Individual trainings imply independent work with a coach and are intended for individuals who want to achieve more efficient and quality results, with intensive acquisition of tennis knowledge and skills.

Independent work with the coach, among other things, includes a special diet, fitness training with adequate equipment and equipment, monitoring and improving personal results.

Individual trainings enable possible later transition of participants to a higher competitive level.

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  • Camp – Zlatibor 2019
  • New Zlatibor camp will be held from 1st August to 7th August, 2019
  • Camp price: 500€

The price of the camp includes:
Transportation Belgrade-Zlatibor-Belgrade
Accommodation in "Spring" apartments
3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Tennis training 4 hours a day
Fitness 1h a day
1 day in the SPA center
Animations (karaoke, costume ball)

Skola Tenisa - KAMP