Tennis school for children TK Đukic has been successfully working with children and competitors for more than 20 years.

TK Đukic has more than 100 participants of all ages, of which over 20 are competitors in all categories.

The concept of TK Djukic’s work with children and competitors is adapted to the child’s physical development, which enables children to gradually and properly develop in accordance with their age and abilities.

We paid special attention to the youngest participants and their first tennis steps. Our goal is for children to develop properly through tennis, to acquire good motor skills, technique, and most importantly to love tennis.

Tennis school program

The Đukić tennis school practices the program of the world tennis federation ITF , “Stay&Play”

Children learn basic tennis steps while working in specialized groups that are divided into 4 levels, depending on the age of the child.

Red level (4-8 years)

⁃     slower balls, smaller courts and shorter rackets allow players to play tennis from the first lesson. Children will have fun and play different activities, which are designed to develop their motor skills and nurture their love for tennis.

Orange level (8-10 years)

⁃     Initiation for tennis players who have left “mini tennis”. They will learn to play over a real net, on a shortened court. Orange balls are faster than red balls, so players will learn to move faster on the court, work on tactical play and improve technique.

Green level (9-10 years)

⁃     Kids are ready to play all over the court, the balls are 25% slower than standard, which allows players to prepare for the next level more easily. In this program, children learn more advanced technique, point play and tactics, and get closer to competitive tennis.

Yellow level (10 +)

⁃     competitive or recreational program. Children who want to continue the path of champions, transfer to the Đukić Academy, where a team of professional coaches will deal with their further tennis development.

⁃     Recreational tennis still takes place in groups, where children continue their tennis activities.

Additional activities of the tennis school:

⁃    tournaments in all categories at the tennis school level

⁃     Camps on the mountain lasting 7 days

⁃     Day camps within the club lasting 5 days

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