TK Đukić is not only a place where we create champions, but a place where we build a community those who share a love for the same game.

Recreational tennis in our club is fun, but also much more than that. Competitive adrenaline and an atmosphere similar to ATP and ITP tournaments is what characterizes the special events we organize, and which are preceded by constant work with our recreationists - in the form of semi-individual, individual or group training.

There is no "too much experience" or "not enough experience" here - a recreationist is a person who he loves sports, and a recreational member of the Đukić tennis club is also a person who wants to experience and nurture tennis game primarily through fun, team atmosphere, and who wants to become important part of our story.

Grand Prix

A tournament that raises the level of recreational tennis to professional

Grand Prix Tennis is more than just a tennis competition. He is the occasion when recreational players become part of the world of professional tennis thanks to chair judges, ball collectors, award ceremony, but also many other activities outside the field: quizzes, musical evenings, mini-football tournament, table tennis... The festival atmosphere raises the bar recreational competition to a unique tennis event promoting not only the game, good energy, but also humanity - with joint efforts, we set aside part of the funds for families and individuals who need it help needed.

Each participant is guaranteed 2 matches, lunch, T-shirts and various surprises, while the best players of each tournament win valuable prizes, fighting for the status of the top 8 recreational players of Serbia in the final tournament - MASTER 8.

TK Đukić Friendship League

Where recreational players become champions

The Friendship League brings a new dimension to recreational tennis, bringing together players in a friendly, but also competitive atmosphere. With a limited number of members, the Friendship League offers an exclusive opportunity recreational players from the club to compete during the winter and summer periods, providing tennis excitement during the whole year - in continuity. This dynamic format brings together sixteen players who are divided into 2 groups in the main part of the competition. After that, there is a playoff, where the best players from each group enter the fight for title. Each player faces at least 17 matches on their way to the top of the table. Get in touch to share let's make a unique team with performances!

You can follow the players, results and table of recreational players HERE

TK Đukić League of cities

Where tennis becomes an adventure

League of cities is a unique opportunity to face clubs from all over Serbia and expand a network of those united by a passion for the same game. Our club has been a proud part of the League of Cities for decades back, and what motivates us to be in this exciting process every year are unique the stories with which we leave a series of matches - that's how we turned from outsiders into winners in 2022 - "We went through various stages and as a written-off team that barely made it through the group stage, we won the most beautiful cup for the club". Because of the impressions, exciting stories and lessons, we stay in the coming years part of this initiative. If you want to become part of the club's national team, join the team of the best recreational players of TK Đukić and you reach a super advanced recreational level, then this activity is for you!

Table of Winter Prices

Hall 1 and 3 court Price per hour until 4 p.m Hourly price after 4 p.m
2700 RSD 3100 RSD

Hall 2 court Price per hour until 4 p.m Hourly price after 4 p.m
3000 RSD 3400 RSD

Trainings with coach
Individual trainings 40e
Semi-individual trainings 50e (25 per player)

Table of Summer Prices

Court Price per hour until 6 p.m Hourly price after 6 p.m
1000 RSD 1700 RSD

Trainings with coach
Individual trainings 30e
Semi-individual trainings 40e (20 per player)