Welcome to the "Đukić" Tennis Academy, a place where the strength of the team makes the progress of the individual!

There is no more important step in player development than proper professional guidance.

Regardless of the level of your ambitions, our academy will help you reach your maximum, but also much more. With a strong emphasis on individual approach, flexible training options and a team that has been making a difference for years – together we shape future champions.

Personalization and uniqueness – key words that describe the work of the Đukić Academy. Through your tennis, but also personal transformation, you will be guided by a team that has so far participated in the development of those who push the boundaries of world tennis: Kecmanovića, Ćaćić, Marko Topo, Džumhur,

Depending on your wishes and real needs, you will have at your disposal intensive work on technique through individual training, game development and listening to the players opposite you through semi-individual training, constant development of tactics and unique style, and all together – testing through group training with players similar level.

In addition to the tennis program, the fitness component is indispensable and equally important – the physical preparation programs are integrated with the tennis program to ensure that you are in top physical shape.

Come to a place where an important part of your tennis story becomes our responsibility – a club where individual performance is the result of joint struggle.

Age categories:

• 10 to 12 years
• 12 to 14 years
• 14-16 years
• 16-18 years old
• Seniors

The plan and program for each individual is determined according to physical condition, maturity and nutritional needs.

For more information about the High-Performance program, you can download the brochure