As much as we are professional, dedicated to the success of each of our players, analytical so that each of them can make the most of their potential, we do not allow ourselves to forget what it is that has brought us all to this level. Love of tennis as a game. Therefore, we pay special attention to our recreationalists.

A recreational athlete can be anyone, a complete beginner, as well as someone with tennis knowledge. You don't even need tennis equipment, because all our recreationalists get rackets and balls to use completely free of charge. All you need is to bring a good mood and be ready for tennis education through fun. However, we are aware, from our experience, that recreational tennis can sometimes carry a competitive charge equal to that of the Grand Slams. Therefore, we have prepared some special events for our recreationalists.


Recreational League

A league of recreational-competitive character in which recreational players from the club can participate. The number of members is limited due to the format of the league. The league lasts for five months in winter and five months in summer.

You can follow the players, results and the table of recreational players HERE

Rekreativci turnir

Club recreational tournament

A tournament that is organized twice a year and which all recreational players from the club take part in. It symbolically marks the beginning and the end of the summer season. We are proud that the tournament is something that marks the friendships we have gained through playing in our club, but also at the awards ceremony that follows the end of the tournament and a cocktail party that we all enjoy in the evening.